Disney's The Little Mermaid sings & her tail lights up She says different phrases when played with in the water, great for bath time!
2 sets of tubing nd membranes. Used for 1 week while renting this pump. Can also be cut for use for Medela Pump In Style.
Like new - Set of 4 adapter pieces to attach to Medela bottles to make compatible for Spectra pump.
Duckbill valves for Spectra, Medela and Nenesupply Breastshields. Brand new (4) still in package and 2 that have been used for 6 total.
*Hospital grade *Closed system pump so no milk ever touches tubing or pump itself Gently used for about 6 months and includes everything pictured: - Pump - Instruction Manual - Power Cord - A/C Adapter - Tubing - 2 bottles (well used) - Bottle tops/nipples (new/never used) - 3 sets of flanges (24, 27 & 30mm) - 2 sets of duckbills - 2 sets of backflow protectors
Like new! Set of 2 BPA-free, pre-sterilized, medical rate plastic trays for freezing milk in convenient 1 ounce sticks. Can be used for milk and later for freezing and storing pur es.
The real deal! Don t settle for cheap imitations. Includes pump, packaging and instructions for use.